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... The Wisconsin Public Employer Lbor Relations Association provides professional development, networking, and advocacy services to labor relations & human resources professionals, so that public sector employers may deliver the most efficient and effective the efficient and effective services to citizens & tax payers.

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The Wisconsin Public Employer Labor Relations Associate (WPELRA), is a professional, nonprofit association formed to provide the highest standard of excellence in assisting and representing public sector employers in the areas of labor-relations and human-resources.

As a member of WPELRA you will have the opportunity to exchange perspectives, information, ideas, and skills with other Wisconsin labor relations and human resources professionals.  Further, as a member you become part of a statewide organization dedicated to strengthening the management of public sector organizations throughout the state.


WPELRA is an organization of professional, public sector employees representing management in labor-relations and human resoruces matters.  WPELRA's membership servces public employers at all levels, including, state, cities, counties, townships, other agencies of local government, colleges and universities, and public schools throughout Wisconsin.  Additionally, WPELRA also has many members who are attorneys or private consultants serving public employers.

Governor Evers Emergency Order #1

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On July 30, 2020, Governor Tony Evers issued Emergency Order #1 requiring every individual in Wisconsin, ages 5 and older, to wear "Face Coverings" except in limited circumstances. This mandate, effective August 1, 2020, and continuing through September 30, 2020 requires Face Coverings be worn in Wisconsin when an individual is both: 1. Indoors or in an Encolsed Space (excluding private residences), and 2. Another person or persons is present (who are not members of individual's household or living unit) in the same room or Enclosed Space. For the full Emergency Order #1 please use the link below.
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A voluntary association, which is devoted to serving public bodies.

WPELRA is improves labor and personnel relations in the public sector through direct advice, counsel and advocacy to the state legislature, and WPELRA members.

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